Creating opportunity through ownership by kick-starting financial independence for Ugandan motorcycle taxi drivers (boda bodas).


    Tugende provides motorcycles to recommended drivers in a lease-to-own arrangement. If paid on time, the drivers own the bike after 19 months or less. Ownership allows drivers to save money they would normally spend renting, and provides accumulated savings in the value of the paid off motorcycle. Because the weekly payments are only 15-20% higher than the market rental rate, there is little marginal cost to our clients when making weekly payments.


    These are the core steps in our process allowing responsible boda drivers to become owners

    Application & Education


    Applicants for Tugende leases come primarily from existing networks of trustworthy boda boda drivers and recommendations from passengers. Potential drivers must complete a three-week course on safety, company rules and customer service.


    Screening & Vetting


    Drivers that complete the education course are then thoroughly vetted through our client screening methods. These include scores of creditworthiness, in-person family visits and a pledge of support from the leader of the driver's stage (location and group with which each driver is affiliated). Our process helps identify the most trusted, responsible and committed lease recipients.


    Payment Collection


    Once selected, drivers select a brand new motorcycle of their choice (primarily Bajaj Boxer) and begin making weekly payments. Our standard lease is repaid over a 19-month period with principal and interest components. All drivers have the option to repay earlier (at no penalty) thereby offering considerable potential savings in interest payments. Payments are entirely cash-less and made by drivers via mobile money or e-payment kiosk(PAY-WAY).



    Upon completion of the lease, the title to the motorcycle is signed over to the happy driver and he begins doubling his daily take-home pay!



    A short 40-second video that illustrates our process.



    When drivers own their motorcycles and stop renting, their profits double.


    But ownership is more than that. It creates the job security of knowing your tool for earning a living and helping your family is yours to keep. It allows for better savings and puts your future in your own hands, not a landlord's.


    Learn more about the problem, and the opportunity:


    In Uganda, and particularly the capital Kampala, motorcycle taxis (boda bodas) are a popular option for darting through heavy traffic jams or avoiding slow public transportation. Driving a boda boda is one of the best available jobs for young men with little education. Take home earnings are up to $5/day in a country where 65% of the population lives on less than $2/day.


    However, most of Uganda’s boda boda drivers rent their bikes indefinitely from landlords who can remove the bikes at any time. Thus job security is low and many drivers struggle to build savings and have no easy path toward financial independence. In the capital city of Kampala alone there are conservatively 100,000 boda boda drivers. There are even more drivers in smaller cities in Uganda, and in rural areas, where instead of traffic, poor roads and a lack of public transportation make motorcycles equally important to the transport economy.


    Watch Co-founder Michael Wilkerson's talk at the 2012 Unreasonable Institute to hear how

    motorcycles really are a vehicle out of poverty.


    See what others are saying about us!


    June 20, 2016

    CGAP (through our work on the Graduation Approach) and the Brookings Institution have both identified asset accumulation as one of the keys to escaping poverty.

    The Guardian

    February 16, 2016

    Despite being ranked the world’s most entrepreneurial country, few Ugandan businesses hit the big time. How can they leap from surviving to thriving?


    September 28, 2015

    "Tugende was always a for-profit business because we were working with business people at the very bottom of the pyramid who didn’t want or need a handout." - Michael Wilkerson, Tugende CEO

    New Vision

    September 16, 2015

    "Dubbed Maisha Boda Insurance, the micro insurance product launched by Tugende, a for-profit social enterprise in partnership with Lion Assurance and Liberty Life, seeks to enable boda boda cyclists access life insurance services at a low cost."


    August 2015

    "Here are East Africa’s 10 most promising startups."


    March 27, 2015

    From Kampala, the BBC's Roderick Macleod meets the Ugandan entrepreneurs working on interesting and safer ways to ferry passengers around.

    Daily Monitor

    March 17, 2015

    On a Wednesday morning just off Bukoto-Kisaasi road, hundreds of boda boda riders jam into a room to get lessons on road safety and financial management [at Tugende.]

    How We Made It In Africa

    March 12, 2015

    “Our best protection against challenges is making sure that it’s a good deal for the driver.” - Michael Wilkerson, Tugende CEO

    Take Part World on Pivot TV

    February 6, 2015 

    "Enter American entrepreneur Michael Wilkerson, who created a sustainable enterprise with his local business Tugende, which puts more money in the hands of those who need it most."

    Venture Capital for Africa

    January 30, 2015

    “Tugende is doing vitally important work with a tested, and proven, business model. But most importantly, Michael, like all the best entrepreneurs, is all-in.” - Rich Leimsider, Vice President of Echoing Green


    We are grateful for the support of the following partners


    Lucy Adeke

    IT Project manager - HQ

    Lucy worked as a GPP and PPMS Consultant at the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority before joining Tugende in 2017.

    She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and is an Oracle Certified Professional.She enjoys travelling and cooking

    Suzan Aguti

    Operations Support Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Suzan holds a Diploma in Physical Planning from the Institute of Survey and Land Management. She joined Tugende in March 2015 and is now in charge of Tugende's health insurance dubbed Maisha. Suzan loves field work and is learning to ride a motorcycle.


    Maurine Ainembabazi

    Receptionist - HQ

    Maurine holds a bachelors degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Ndejje University. She was volunteer with the Red cross Society of Uganda before joining Tugende in 2017. In her free time, she enjoys meeting new people, travelling and cooking

    Mandera Akatwijuka

    Collections Officer - Mbarara

    Mandera graduated with a Bachelors in Development Studies. He then worked with Yuvraj International as a field officer. He loves travelling, attending plays and watching soccer in his free time

    Suzan Aketch

    Collections Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Suzan holds a bachelors in Business Administration from Makerere University Business School. She worked with MTN Uganda as a Verification administrator before she joined Tugende in June 2016. She likes reading, travelling and making discoveries in her free time.

    Mary Gorret Alinda

    Accounts Assistant - HQ

    A graduate of Uganda's National Teaching College, Alinda handles Tugende's collections, including working with the field team to make sure clients pay their weekly dues on time. She also sits down with clients to help them better understand and manage their leases.

    Amos Alivule

    Collections Officer - Mbarara

    Amos graduated from Makerere university with a degree in Agricultural land use and Management. He has worked as an agricultural extension worker before joining Tugende in January 2017. He enjoys listening to music,traveling and practicing martial arts in his free time

    Patience Asiimwe

    Collections Officer - Mbale

    Patience holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Kyambogo University. She is a fun loving person who watches movies and talking to people in her free time.

    Agatha Atusasire

    Customer Experience Officer - Mbarara

    Agatha holds a Bachelor's in Guidance and Counselling from Bishop Stuart University-Mbarara. She enjoys reading, helping youths and interacting with clients. She joined Tugende in late 2014.

    Vivian Babirye

    Office Administrator - HQ

    Vivian graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management from Kyambogo University. She has experience in administration and enjoys travelling, listening to music and making new friends.

    Denis Balidawa

    Collections Officer - Jinja

    Denis graduated from Makerere University with a  Bachelor's degree in Statistics. He then worked with Educate as a data entry consultant before joining Tugende in June 2016. He plays soccer, does research and travels in his free time.



    Bashir Bigirwa

    Credit Officer - Jinja

    Bashir holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial and Fine Arts from Makerere University. He was working with Opticom Art Co.ltd in Mbarara as an assistant graphics designer before joining Tugende in January 2017. He loves doing art and watching movies during his free time.

    Franz Biije

    Operations Coordinator - Mbarara

    Franz graduated from Kyambogo University with a Diploma in Mechanical and Production Engineering. After graduating he worked as a technician in Luuka plastics, but soon joined our team after hearing about Tugende’s pleasant working environment. He’s passionate about applying his technical expertise to support successful operations. He is also pursuing a Bachelors Degree in industrial engineering and management from kyambogo University.During his free time, he loves telling funny stories and watching soccer.

    Matt Brown

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    Formerly a journalist and Aga Khan media fellow in Uganda, Matt is now a law student in Toronto. Though not back in Uganda as often as he would like, Matt still plays an active role in advising on Tugende’s strategy and promoting the brand in North America.

    Steven Matia Bukenya

    Credit Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Steven holds a Bachelors degree in procurement and logistics management from Kyambogo University. He is a member of The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) and has worked with Reproductive Health Uganda as a Logistics and supplies Assistant. He loves adventures and making new friends

    Patra Busingye

    Operations Support Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Patra joined Tugende in 2014. She loves helping customers when they visit Tugende and enjoys keeping the office nice for all staff and clients. She's proud of the certificate in computer applications she earned through Tugende's career development program. She is a proud mother, who spends her free time playing with her son and daughter.

    Brian Dhabuliwo

    Collections Officer - Mbale

    Brian attended Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Tourism. He has worked with Kisenyi Kintu poultry as a stores manager before joining Tugende in December 2016. He loves listening to music, watching football and jazzing.

    Anders Jacobsen Ellegaard

    Special Projects Architect - HQ

    Anders has a Master's Degree in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School. He has worked in Rwanda, South Africa and Denmark. He enjoys exploring new locations and environments and most of all, he is passionate about football

    Sam Elghanayan

    Senior Project Manager - HQ

    Sam graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University as a John Jay Scholar. A serial entrepreneur, Sam also has experience on the other side of the table in venture capital and finance. She recently worked with MIT’s Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) in Sierra Leone.

    Alice Gombya

    IT Technician - HQ

    Alice holds a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from Makerere University. She worked with Just Creative Media and Marriestopes International before joing Tugende in January 2017. She loves going to church, travelling and making new friends.


    Kelly Gonzaga Kyagaba

    Executive Assistant - HQ

    Kelly holds a Masters of Organisational Psychology from Makerere University and is pursuing a post graduate Diploma in Human resource management at UMI. Before Tugende, he worked with Educate Uganda from where he moved to UBOS as a Project field supervisor. He enjoys watching football and doing charity in his free time

    Zeridah Kalijja

    Credit Coordinator - Kampala

    Zeridah worked at PZ Consults as an operations manager before joining Tugende in October 2015. She holds a Degree in Adult and Community Education from Kyambogo University. She finds the staff at Tugende friendly and listens to gospel music in her free time.


    Nancy Kalube Oola

    Collections Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Nancy studied Business Administration at Uganda Information Technology. She worked with War child Holland as an accounts assistant before joining Tugende. She likes watching movies and touring.


    Herbert Kalule

    Salesforce Developer - HQ

    Herbert graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. He worked at Grameen Foundation Uganda as an associate Software Developer before joining Tugende in January 2016. He is responsible for Tugende Salesforce.com CRM development and administration. He loves reading, travelling and sports activities during leisure time.


    Matija Kamikovski

    Director of Finance - HQ

    Matija is a Deloitte management consultant alumnus with a strong finance background, including as a CFA Charterholder, client training executive, and economic analyst. Matija holds a Bachelors of Business Administration with High Distinction from University of Toronto.

    Evon Kanyerere

    Customer experience officer - Mbale

    Evon studied Public Administration and Management, having worked with Nakaloke Town council, She joined Tugende Limited in February 2017

    Amanda Patricia Kaboggoza

    Customer Experience Lead - HQ

    Amanda holds a Degree in Mass Communications from Makerere University. She has previously worked with Brighter Monday Uganda and Living Goods and has quite an experience and knowledge about Customer service. She loves reading and cooking.


    Moses Kargbo

    Financial Controller - HQ

    Moses is an experienced chartered accountant from Sierra Leone, a financial and business consultant with over 10 years of senior professional experience in industries such as construction, service delivery, auditing, transportation, hospitality , insurance, NGO’s and a financial institutions. He loves nature and especially visiting the countryside, watching movies and exercising.

    Anthonny Katumwesigye

    Field technician - Jinja

    Anthony holds a Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management from MUBS and a Diploma in Mechnical Engineering from Kyambogo University. He worked with Mark burridge Hauliers(U) Ltd as a transport officer and Joint medical stores warehouse as a dispatch officer. He plays soccer, listens to music and sings in his free time


    Sylvia Katusiime Kusemererwa

    Human Resource Manager - HQ

    Sylvia holds a Masters of Science in Human Resource Management and a Bachelors of science in Education. She is a family person and a proud mother of four. She enjoys working with people, cuisines, watching movies playing Golf and Chess. She is proficient in all HR functions including Administration, basic Finance and Procurement


    Charles Kavuma

    Credit Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Charles holds a Diploma in Business Administration. Before joining Tugende in January 2017, he worked with Cafe Chateau restaurant and coffee shop as a Cashier and an overall care taker. He has also worked for Lindemei Investments as a promotions agent. He likes soccer, watching movies and reading novels..

    Juliet Kekitinwa

    Credit Officer - Mbarara

    Juliet graduated with a Bacholar of Arts in Economics. Before joining Tugende in 2017, she worked as a research assistant with National Council for Children. She likes watching movies, listening to music and swimming in her free time

    Catherine Kemigisha

    Customer Experience Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Cathy is a graduate from Makerere University. She has worked as a research assistant with Ipsos before joining Tugende October. In her free time, Cathy travels and listens to music

    Elizabeth Kifuko

    Credit Officer - Jinja

    Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Makerere University Business school. She’s worked with D.K & Co. Certified Public Accountants as a an accountant trainee before joining Tugende in June 2016. She loves travelling and watching Television.

    Lenus Kiirya

    Acting Senior Credit Officer - Mbarara

    Lenus attended Makerere Business School where he graduated with a Bachelors in Makerting. He then worked as a Marketor for RENA Beverages and Kingsan International before joining Tugende in June 2016. He likes making friends and playing basket ball when free.

    Raymond Kiiza

    Senior collections Coordinator - HQ

    Raymond graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Benedict Technical College. He worked with Yuvraj International before joining Tugende in 2015. He treasures the new skills and knowledge he's developed ever since, while still enjoying spending his free time farming.

    Lawrance Kiswiriri

    Collections Officer - Jinja

    Lawrance holds a degree in Business Computing from Makerere Business School. He worked with UNEB and NRM as a data entrant plus TIBS Investments as a systems administrator, after which he joined Tugende in December 2016. He loves conducting research and going on outings and playing soccer in his free time

    Ibra Kitandwe

    Collections officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Ibra joined Tugende in January 2017 having worked with Digital Opportunity Trust Uganda as a Facilitator. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Makerere Business Institute. He’s Passionate about social work

    Christine Kobusinge

    Senior collections Officer - Mbarara

    Christine worked with Greenlight Planet as a marketer before joining Tugende in October 2015. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from MUBS. She's excited to have joined Tugende. Outside of work, Christine enjoys dancing, swimming and eating.

    Sylvia Kwizera Lubowa

    Human Resources Officer - HQ

    Sylvia graduated from MUBS with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She is also a Human Resources Guru with a Postgraduate Diploma in HR from Uganda Management Institute. Before joining Tugende, she worked as a Learning and Development Cordinator at Standard Chattered Bank. She likes networking, travelling and exercising.

    Sharon Makara

    Collections Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Sharon joined Tugende in July 2015. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Supplies Management from Kampala International University. She loves going to church, reading and watching movies.

    Jimmy Matovu

    Collections Officer - Jinja

    Jimmy is a development economist certified by Makerere University. He joined Tugende in January 2017. He is approachable, loves learning new things and always inspired by achievers.

    Jamiruh Matte

    Field technician - Mbarara

    Jamiruh graduated with a Diploma in Water Engineering from Uganda Technical College in Lira. He worked with MRC/UVRI as a building service technician before joining Tugende in 2017. He loves playing chess and football

    Florence Mbabazi

    Credit Officer - Mbarara

    Florence graduated with a degree in Community based rehabilitation from Kyambogo University. She first worked with Youth Intergrated Development as a project officer before joining Tugende in June 2016. She likes making friends and listening to music.


    Simon Peter Mbaziira

    Collections Officer - Jinja

    Simon Peter is a former marketer with Uganda Breweries Limited. He joined Tugende in October 2015. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Development Studies from Kyambogo University. He finds Tugende cheerful and watches soccer in his free time

    Abdul Karim Mugerwa

    Credit Officer - Mbarara

    Karim attended Makerere University where he earned a bachelors degree in Environmental Management. He loves playing and watching football in his free time. He joined Tugende in July 2016

    Gerald Mugume

    Field Technician - Mbale

    Gerald is a professional electrician with a diploma from Uganda technical college. Before joining Tugende, he has worked with Jyotti structures Limited. He loves researching and reading novels.

    Hillay Muhwezi

    Credit Officer - Mbale

    Hillay attained a Bachelors of Library and Information Science from Makerere University. Before joining Tugende, he worked with Max speed Limited as a sales person. He loves writing, listening to music and touring.

    Shamid Mukalu

    Credit Coordinator - Jinja

    Shamid is a Degree holder in Procurement and Logistics. He previously worked with Prudential Assurance as a sales person and joined Tugende in June 2016. He’s a motivational speaker who likes travelling and listening to music

    Gilbert Mumbere Asingya

    Accounting Officer - HQ

    Gilbert is an accountant with a bachelors in Commerce. He has worked as a freelance researcher for the ministry of works before Tugende. He loves interracting with people, watching soccer and singing in his free time

    Ronald Mutebi

    Collections Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Ronald graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Commerce in Accounting from Makerere Business School. He worked for the Uganda Electoral Commission before joining Tugende in March 2016. He enjoys listening to music in his free time

    Andrew Mwenda

    Director & Advisor

    Andrew is a noted Ugandan journalist, TED fellow and founder/owner of The Independent magazine (Uganda). He was the first investor in Tugende, a current board member and has provided extensive mentorship, connections and help navigating Uganda’s bureaucracy.

    Aisha Nabulya

    Credit Officer -Mbale

    Aisha holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce from Makerere University. She worked with School Africa Limited as a finance manager before joining Tugende in December 2016. She plays netball in her free time

    Mariet Nafula

    Customer experience Officer - Jinja

    Mariet holds a Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management from Kyambogo University. She joined Tugende in October 2015. She loves travelling and watches movies in her free time.

    Immaculate Nakiyingi

    Collections Coordinator - Jinja

    Immaculate worked with Quality Management Services before joining Tugende in April 2015. She has a B.A. in Organizational Studies from Makerere University. Immaculate finds it fun to work with boda boda riders and enjoys Tugende’s fun-loving environment. In her free time, she likes watching movies, chatting with friends and exploring new places.


    Rebecca Namudosi

    Credit Officer - Mbale

    Rebecca holds a Bachelors Degree in Microfinance from Kyambogo University. She worked with Solar-now as a credit officer before joining Tugende in June 2016. She likes reading, watching movies and soccer

    Ruth Namugabwe

    Collections Officer - Jinja

    Ruth attended kyambogo university where she graduated with a Diploma in Library and Information sciences. She is a mother of one who loves travelling and reading. She worked with Give-directly as a field officer before joining Tugende in January 2017

    Solome Namuli

    Customer experience officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Solomy holds a Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism. She is enthusiastic about her work, loves travelling, writing and reading. She joined Tugende first as an intern in July 2015 and officially in October.

    Denis Nangulu

    Credit Officer - Mbale

    Denis graduated with a Bachelors of Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University. He joined Tugende in December 2016. He loves reading educative material, listening to music and socialising

    Phionah Nassaka

    Credit Officer - Jinja

    Phionah holds a Bachelors in International Business from Makerere Business School. She joined Tugende in December 2016. She travels and swims in her free time.


    Moses Ngoge

    Credit Officer - Mbarara

    Moses attended MUBS where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. Before joining the Tugende team, he worked with Child Fund International as an administrative assistant. He loves listening to music, playing soccer and discoveries

    Barnabas Nkwasibwe

    Collections Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Barnabas holds a Degree in Development Studies from Mbarara University. He was a Credit Officer with Nyakasa Sacco before he joined Tugende in June 2016. When free, Barnabas watches football.

    Robert Nsadha

    Security Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Robert holds a Diploma in Business Studies from MUBS. Before joining Tugende in June 2016, he worked with Mukono-Bikes as a sales personnel and service manager. He plays and watches soccer in his free time


    Pius Nyakatura

    Senior Technician - Kampala_Mbuya

    Pius holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Kikwamba Technical College. Before joining Tugende in July 2015, he worked as an electrician at Thino Hydro - Karuma. He plays football in his free time.

    Isaac Paul Odeke

    Senior Credit Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Isaac holds a Diploma in mechanical engineering from the Lira based Uganda Technical College. He worked with Tiva water Ltd and Luuka plastics before joining Tugende in January 2016. He enjoys touring, football and reading.

    Bede Odoi

    Credit Officer - Jinja

    Bede graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Economics from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi. He worked with Asiima Agri Concern Ltd as an assitant accountant and later UAP Assurance LTD where he attained a Certificate of proficiency in Insurance. He joined Tugende in January 2017 and loves creative arts


    Joseph Odoi

    Satellite Supervisor - Kampala_Bukoto

    Joseph holds a Degree in Procurement and Supplies Management from MUBS. He worked with Hima Cement before joining Tugende in 2015. He loves travelling, making friends and playing soccer.

    Emmanuel Oketa

    Data Quality Analyst - HQ

    Emmanuel graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Statistics From Makerere University. He has a strong passion for business and worked as a junior business consultant at Challenges Worldwide before joining Tugende in May 2016. He engages in sports in his free time.

    Isaac Oming

    Collections Officer - Kampala - Mbuya

    Isaac graduated with a diploma in Development Studies from Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development – Mpigi. He worked with Techno-serve -Uganda as a Youths trainer before joining Tugende in January 2017. He loves travelling, listening to music and watching foot ball.

    Dennis Omondo

    Acting Collections Coordinator - Mbale

    Dennis is a former check-in agent at Entebbe International Airport. He joined Tugende in October 2015. He holds a Bachelors in Social Sciences from Kyambogo University. He loves driving, watching soccer, movies and debating.

    Geofrey Onen

    Acting Credit Coordinator - Mbale

    Geofrey worked with Sector Creative Media as an Assistant Operations Supervisor before joining Tugende in October 2015. He holds a diploma in Business Management from MTAC. When he's not working, Geofrey plays basket ball, watches movies and goes out with friends.

    Wilberforce Osuro

    Collections Officer - Mbarara

    Wilber is a former salesman with Galaxy fm. He holds a Degree in Social Sciences from Kyambogo University and joined Tugende in June 2015. He loves field work, reading and watching television.

    Peter Owor

    Operations Coordinator - Kampala

    Peter worked as a team leader at Crane Bank before joining Tugende in November 2014. He holds a Degree in Social Sciences from Kyambogo University plus a Diploma in Sales and Marketing from MTAC. In his free time, Peter loves dealing with clients.

    Lucy Oxby

    Head of Business Intelligence - HQ

    Lucy graduated in 2011 with a Masters of Physics and most recently worked as a research scientist for the British Geological Survey. She developed an interest in using business to drive poverty alleviation whilst working in tourism in West Africa.

    Oyo Yowasi

    Credit Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Oyo attended Nkumba University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration majoring in accounting. He has worked with Epilson Uganda, contractor with World Food Programme before joining Tugende. He loves going to the beach in his free time

    Aaron Pattillo

    Director & Advisor

    Aaron joined the team as an early investor and board member. He helps with the company’s fundraising efforts in the U.S. along with providing guidance in ongoing strategic and operational activities. He has a background as a successful social entrepreneur as a co-founder of Khunu along with experience leading some of the pioneering work at the Clinton Foundation to significantly reduce the price and expand the global access of HIV/AIDS medicines.

    Paul Sselunjoji

    Operations Manager - HQ

    Paul is an alumnus of the prestigious Educate! youth leadership development organization (which also has Colorado ties) and he is studying industrial engineering at Kyambogo University here in Kampala. While still a high school student, he won a nation-wide business plan competition and has helped set up several small scale businesses–including selling fertilizer on credit–near his home village of Hoima.

    Albert Ssemakalu

    Credit Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Albert holds a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from Makerere University. Before joining Tugende in December 2016, he worked with Alaska Investments Limited. He likes meeting new people and dancing.


    Stuart Sunday

    Collections Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Stuart graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce from Makerere University Business School.He has worked with Uganda Investment Authority as a Youth Apprenticeship program supervisor. A born of Mitooma district, he loves meeting new friends, attending seminars and reading

    Thomas Tamukedde

    Recruitment Supervisor - HQ

    Thomas attended Kyambogo University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community education. He has experience in Human Resources Management best practices. He worked with Q-Sourcing Limited as a Recruitment Executive and Kiboko Group of Companies as an HR Executive before joining Tugende. He enjoy listening to music, watching movies, outgoing for adventure, swimming, training and a good team player.

    Nebert Tumwebaze

    Credit Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Nebert attended Makerere University and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Population Studies. He worked with Smartmatic Electronic Voting Company as a production and verification officer before joining Tugende in December 2016. He loves touring, listening to worship songs, watching movies and motorcycle riding.

    Tutu Moses

    IT Lead - HQ

    Tutu earned a Diploma in database management and web designing from the Business and Computer Institute in London. He led IT development at Vine Pharmaceuticals before joining Tugende in December 2015. He loves travelling and plays rugby in his free time.


    Evaristo Twesigyemukama

    Collections Coordinator - Kampala

    Evaristo holds a Diploma in Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University. He joined Tugende in July 2015. He now heads the Tugende Protection Unit and watches soccer whenever he has time.

    Kenneth Twinamatsiko

    Credit Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Kenneth graduated from Makerere Univerity with a Bachelors degree in business statistics. Having left Platinum credit where he worked as the Soroti branch manager in charge of credit, he joined Tugende in October 2016. He loves watching football and travelling in his free time

    Micheal Wabwire

    Credit Officer - Kampala_Mbuya

    Micheal holds a bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Logistics from Kyambogo University. He worked with Samisa Telecom in customer service in Jinja before joining Tugende in December 2016. He likes listening to music and hanging out in his free time.

    Ronald Walugembe

    Collections Officer - Kampala_Bukoto

    Ronald graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Transport and Logistics from MUK. He has worked with a couple of companies (including Overseas Clearing and Forwarding as a transport officer and Lunar Apartments as an inventory manager) before joining Tugende in December 2016. He enjoys reading and meeting new people.

    Brian Wataka

    Collections Officer - Jinja

    Brian attended Ndejje University where he graduated with a Bachelors in Human Resource Management. He worked with ICEA as a sales person before joining Tugende. He loves reading, making friends and travelling in his free time

    Mansur Wembabazi

    Senior Credit Coordinator - HQ

    Mansur is a bio-medical engineer who graduated from Kyambogo University. He worked with Dash Technologies before joining Tugende in 2014. He loves solving complex challenges and interacting with a wide variety of people, and is glad that he gets to indulge in these passions at Tugende

    Michael Wilkerson

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Michael first visited Uganda at age 19 and has returned every year since then. He began his career as a journalist with internships at Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper in 2006 and Independent magazine in 2008. He graduated with a BA with honors from Stanford in 2009, and returned to Uganda as a Fulbright Scholar working as a journalist and political science researcher.

    Bosco Yambye

    Acting Collections Coordinator - Mbarara

    Bosco holds a degree in Adult and Community Education from Kyambogo University. He worked as a supervisor at MARS Consults before joining Tugende in October 2015. He conducts research and goes to church in his free time.

    Emmanuel Yetware

    Operations Coordinator - Mbale

    Emanuel joined Tugende in 2015 after receiving his Bachelors in Tourism and Operations from Nkumba University. He's been enjoying working with such diverse customers and colleagues, and is grateful for the chance he's had to already work in all 3 of Tugende's offices.

    Ismail Zikusoka

    Operations Coordinator - Jinja

    Ismail graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He worked in the Planning and Strategic Management Department at Kira Teachers Sacco before Tugende. Ismael is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation at the Uganda Management Institute.


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    Donate. Every week new drivers stream into our office excited for the opportunity to become their own boss. Tugende is growing quickly, but our waiting list is growing faster. Every donation shortens the time it takes us to get a quality driver his own motorcycle and on the path to stability and higher income. Any amount helps, and if you leave your contact information, we'll send you details about the driver whose motorcycle you helped buy. For larger amounts, and options like sponsoring an entire motorcycle, contact us directly at info@tugendedriven.com.


    Apply Your Skills. Coming to Kampala for a while, or want to help out remotely? Tugende currently needs high-skilled assistance in all kinds of things including accounting and finance, web design, improving our social impact tracking, and planning how to reach tens of thousands of customers in the near future. If any of this gets you excited, especially in combination with motorcycle taxis and economic empowerment, let us know!


    Recommend a Driver. Live or (have lived) in Uganda and know a great boda boda driver? Put us in touch by sending a note through the contact form! We are currently focusing on expansion in Kampala but happy to hear about great people in any part of the country to keep on our list as we grow.

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    Find Us.

    HQ Office

    Plot 573 Kezilone Road
    Left off Bukoto-Kisasi Road near Pakalast Pub
    Bukoto Market Area
    Kampala, Uganda


    Find us on Google Maps here and below.


    Toll free: 0800900848


    Our office hours, when applicants should first visit, are 9am-12pm on Wednesdays.


    Drop us a line to recommend a driver --

    or to get in touch with anything else on your mind.

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